If you’d like to purchase some of my artwork, feel free to contact me. I’m still deciding whether I should have an online shop to handle eCommerce transactions. If that’s the case, then I will provide a link on this page where you can access my online shop.


These prices are effective as of April 1, 2010 and may not be up to date, so please contact me first to double check. Unfortunately, inflation, the upward cost of supplies and fluctuations in currencies makes this a necessity.

  • Wall Hangings
    These are very intricate in their design and are very time consuming – €770
  • Ostrich Eggs (with painted designs)
    – There are 2 concepts that I offer my clients:
    1) an egg mounted on driftwood and placed on the wall with a bracket – €290 ($375 US)
    2) the other is free-standing also mounted on driftwood – €345 ($440 US)
    – Please note that the eggs are infertile and come with a license so they can be exported out of the country
  • Tiled Murals
    My charges are KSh 50,000 (€480) per sq metre of painted artwork. You can then place them in your kitchen, bathroom, office lobby, table top, exterior walls, swimming pool, or any other place that you fancy. Please note that transportation to your location is an additional cost. Please contact me for further information.
  • Paintings
    Each design is unique so the price varies from each work due to size, complexity, theme and time
  • Cushion Covers
    This type of work is very detailed and demanding so it’s ideal for a hotel or lodge. I can give you a quote after I see your design and I understand the nature of your order.
  • Beadwork
    *This is a project to assist single mothers and/or women with HIV-AIDS to earn an extra income
    Seasonal cards (handmade) – €3.40
    Recycled bottles (beaded) – €5.80
    Recycled tins (beaded tin containers for tea, sugar, etc.) – €9.60
    Printed Bird cards (a pack of 4) – €3.40

Feel free to leave a comment about my artwork or the TheoCraft website here: http://TheoCraft.com/feedback


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