I’m always thrilled to get feedback on my artwork from enthusiasts and customers alike. If you’d like to share a comment on anything, please leave it here. Be nice! 🙂
– Theo


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  1. Beautiful and stunning pieces!!! I should know as I have many artworks by theo in my house and they are pure pleasure to look at.

  2. Theo. Jenny and I send our very warmest congratulations. Your website is brilliant and I am sure will produce the goods. Good luck – we will now spread the “word”!! Johnny

  3. Thank you for your comments.It took a long time to do it but i am there now.
    I am still learning about all this but now as new works complete i will show them

  4. Hi Theo, Love the website! I still have your artwork on my walls and its always commented upon. I hope to see some more when we come over in September.
    Good luck. Ann x

  5. **Upcoming Event**
    Hi Everyone!
    I’ll be showcasing some of my artwork at Kenton College’s International Food Fayre on May 9-2009 (Saturday) between 9 am and 4 pm. It’s for a worthy cause as some of the proceeds go to a worthy cause.
    Also my daughter Fleur will showcase some of her fabulous “to-die-for” pottery, and her husband, Andy (my son-in-law), will debut his “crafty side” with some high quality shelves (furniture category) that’s a must have.
    More info can be found at this link http://theocraft.com/category/exhibits

  6. Absolutely fantastic, just seen the work you did for the Root’s and Fleur passed on your www address, had great fun looking at all your stuff. Where do you sell?


  7. Hi Theo,
    I saw your work today at Village Market and loved “On the Run Zebras” and the free standing giraffe ostrich egg. Unfortunately, both of these were already sold! I had to settle for a lovely pack of bird print cards (because the beaded butterfly cards were also gone!), but I would love to know if you have any other giraffe eggs that aren’t on display at the show.

  8. Hi Theo , just gone thru your websit again from top to bottom allthings BRIGHT & WONDERFULL ,well done Doug xxx

  9. Hi Theo…..do you remember me from School?
    I am Doug’s sister – Carol.
    Well Done on the Art….It is unique and charming.
    I too love to paint.
    But havent become succesful like you – and I admire you for that!
    Salaams. Carol

  10. Hi Theo,
    Just had an email from Stavros who directed me to your website. Fabulous – you are so talented! Can’t believe the big six-oh has come to us both this year, do you remember getting kitted out for school uniforms as 12 year olds in Eldoret? I’ve lived in Johannesburg since 1982, run a small ad agency and have a son Richard studying in the UK. Hope this is another great year for you!
    All the best, Anne

  11. Hi Theo, Had a look at all your art work,well done ,and keep on with your God given talent, the more you practice it the better it gets.

  12. wowowow when are you next exhibitions would be to see them…..very impressed with it all are you out in Karen

    dave Sutton friends of the hockeys

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