Happy 2010 Easter

[Olekasasi, Nairobi, Kenya]
In some cultures, eggs play an important role in Easter celebrations. The following painted ostrich egg was just recently completed as a commission.

For those who are curious about this particular craft, it can take any where from 10 days (7 hours of continuous work) to 30 days (or longer) in order to complete an egg. It involves very detailed and delicate dexterity.

– Theo

Birds of East Africa Book Launch Exhibit

[Kitengela, Nairobi, Kenya]
Many of you already know that birds are one of my favourite subjects to paint. I was honoured to be selected by John Dawson to commission 15 bird paintings for his new, highly anticipated book, A Gallery of East African Birds. Therefore I invite you all to a one week exhibit that will showcase the artwork of 6 other artists who also supplied paintings for the book.

Gallery of East African Birds book promotion and art exhibiton - Village Market - Nov 12th - 21st, 2009
Exhibition Details
When: November 12, 2009 to November 21, 2009; Time: 10am – 6:30pm; Admission: FREE
Village Market, New Exhibition Hall, Nairobi, Kenya

More info:
Unveiling A Gallery of East African Birds, a new large-format book by John Dawson (foreword by Jonathan Scott) with original paintings for sale by prominent artists.
See for yourself – an extraordinary book accompanied by extraordinary artwork: Daphne Butler, Karen Laurence-Rowe, Nicky Beaumont, Peter Blackwell, Theo Stone. Additional artwork for the book: Dino Martin and Peter Bruce.

Pics: You can see all of my original bird paintings that will be on display. They’re in the Bird section of my Gallery.

Moi Day Art Celebration at Village Market

[Nairobi, Gigiri, Kenya]
IF YOU haven’t had a chance to join us at our Village Market exhibition, there’s still time. All of the artists (Robert Glen, Larry Oughton, Debbie Oulton, Larisa Sjoerds, and myself) will be present on the last day (Moi Day) for a meet and greet session. We’ll also be serving wine and some bitings. Here are a few pics from the exhibition —  just to whet your appetite.

view of exhibition hall at Village Market

October 2009 Exhibition at Village Market

[Nairobi, Kenya]
ATTENTION art lovers everywhere…please set your “art calendars” for October 1 until the 10th for an art exhibition at the Village Market that will showcase art created purely out of passion by myself and other talented artists from Kenya.  Please click on the image below to see the flyer in detail!

Village Market Art Exhibiton - Oct 1-10, 2009 - showcasing work by Theo Stone & other artists from Kenya

Venue: Village Market (see pics)
Date/Time: October 1 – 10, 2009
Opening night: 6pm on Oct. 1st
Daily: 10am – 6pm
Note: Contact me for more info

Don’t forget to forward the web link to this page to all interested parties.
See you at the show!



Thank you very much for visiting my new and improved website. I was born in Uganda to Greek parents. My life has been spent mostly in East Africa (Uganda, Kenya) where I started painting as a young child. My art was influenced from living in the Bwindi Forest (also known as the Impenetrable Forest by others) for 18 glorious years.Reptile table

My short stint in Art college made me realise that this mode of “formal” education was not meeting my needs as an artist. Hence I’ve decided to take a leap of faith and create my own style, which I feel is vibrant and alive yet highlights my passion for all things relating to conservation and nature. 🙂

I’m equally at home painting on cloth, ceramics, water colours, canvas, murals on tiles, and recently ostrich eggs. I like to be versatile in both my media and subject matters. As such, I’ve created many commissioned works for large corporations and hotels.

If you’d like me to create an original work of art for you, please don’t hesitate to contact me using the link above.

Finally, many thanks go out to Max for overhauling my website — using the latest web technologies (WordPress, ZenPhoto FooGallery, MySQL, HostGator, social networking, etc.) — so that I can showcase my artwork to the global village. Please visit my online gallery when you get a chance! 🙂

My Exhibits

Over the past decade or so, I have taken part in 13+ art exhibitions at various art galleries, restaurants, hotels, craft shows, etc. I will try to gather some information about these past exhibits — if possible. However, please keep your eyes on this page for any news on my future exhibits. Now that I have a “new and improved” website, I will list everything relating to exhibits, projects (commissions, etc.),  press articles, and so forth on their respective pages. After all, this is the Information Age. 🙂



** I will add info on previous exhibits once if I have the material to upload **