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JENIPHER WACHIE visited Theodora Stone, a reclusive artist who lives near Ongata Rongai. She found a stunning display of creative artwork perfect for the home and office

Artistic accessories are often thought to be expensive and elitist, but this is not always the case. Art forms are produced in various shapes and as a result, are priced differently. So whatever opportunity comes your way, do not shy from adding a variety of art to your home collection.

Painted clay flowerpots are ideal for indoor as well as outdoor plants. Since the clay material is not in short supply, the pots are some of the most affordable art pieces for the house, and they are great because they have a dual purpose – to add beauty to the house while carrying the plants.

Equally, their natural aspect allows soil to breath unlike cement and plastic pots. Give your clay pots a face-lift by painting or decorating them.

Wall hangings and other handicrafts give your wall a truly stunning look. In addition, stained glass decorative lamps are exotic and versatile. These can replace candles during dinnertime and be used to lift the ambience of any room, especially at night.

If you wish to update your crockery, don’t trash them. Send a few to a decorator or artist and let him or her create a fancy impression on them. Show off the finished and place it on a display unit, on top of your music systems or at a corner stand.

By Pocyline Karani

Title: Best Buys
Publication: HOME & AWAY Magazine (The Standard) | Pullout Section B – page 12
Date: Thursday September 25, 2008 | Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Writer: Pocyline Karani | Photos: Jenipher Wachie / Standard (courtesy Reclusive Art, Maasai Lodge Road)



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  1. I am still looking for a price list of original paintings that are available in US dollars. I would like to be able to purchase a painting or other piece of artwork, preferable via paypal. I like things such as the people paintings, materials, bird paintings with vibrant colors. Could you give me an example of US prices for the original Masai Market place painting or the vulturine guinea fowl (3 on the branch which you show hanging in your home)

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