I enjoy creating a wide variety of art using different types of materials. If I didn’t have different outlets to portray my artwork, I think I’d probably die of boredom. 🙂
Feel free to explore these categories further by clicking the appropriate links below or just head over to my online photo gallery.

This type of art involves creating stunning objects using Maasai beads. Beading is a skill that’s very prominent in the Maasai community, and it’s always held in high esteem among art lovers. I’ve taught this skill to single mothers and women with HIV-AIDS so that they’re able to earn an additional income and thus become self-sufficient. The crafts we create through beading include greeting cards, exquisite wall hangings, home decor, etc.

By using only licensed infertile ostrich eggs, I’m able to create compelling designs that bring out the beauty of these objects. A quick visit to my ostrich eggs photo gallery will give you a glimpse of the unlimited possibilities with this medium. Without a doubt, these are works of amazing skill and beauty. As a result, most of my finished eggs are shipped overseas.
I love the vibrancy of colour. Thus paintings allow me to create artwork that utilize unlimited combinations of the colour spectrum. In this category, “your imagination is your only limit.” I like to use watercolour paper or acrylic mixed media on canvas to showcase the final work. Categories for my paintings include Birds, Collages, Insects, Reptiles, People, and Marine Life.

Similar to paintings, this category of artwork allows me to showcase a wide variety of colourful designs on tiles. These tiles are then fired up to 800 degrees Celsius in a kiln so that said designs are permanently infused. Afterwards, they are reassembled at my client’s premises. You’ll find my murals on walls, floors or table tops in kitchens, bathrooms, swimming pools, hotels, luxury homes, airports and other fine establishments in Kenya and around the world. I only entertain a few commissions per year as this is a very time consuming endeavour.

I enjoy interior decorating so much that I acquired an interest is producing my own cushion covers with snazzy designs. This started around the mid-90s. Please note that making cushion covers is very time consuming as it requires delicate hands and patience. Therefore I only encourage orders (duvet covers, etc.) from hotels, lodges and other establishments since this allows them to create a very unique and personalized decor. For interior designers charged with outfitting a hotel, resort or lodge with decor that will impress demanding clientele, my cushion cover designs are sure to be a crowd pleaser. By the way, my good friend, Kim, creates stunning duvet covers of extremely high quality so I look forward to promoting her craft on this site. Stay tuned.

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