Caralluma SocrotanaGetting Started
I was born in Uganda — almost on the top of Africa — in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and close to The Mountains of The Moon. This exotic environment has influenced my art and love of life and nature. See my Welcome page for more info.

I take great pride in being a versatile artist. As such, I can create exquisite designs on Murals, Ceramics, Paintings, Beadworks, Illustrations and Textiles. After all, “art” is supposed to be diverse and different. Right? I’m trained as a fine artist; however my recent works involves the use of Mixed Media in order to create compelling works of art.

Seeing is believing
To get an idea of what I’ve created in the past, or where I’m headed in the future, please visit these links for more information:  About My Art | Online Photo Gallery | My Projects (commissioned works) | My Exhibits

My Outlook
I like the great outdoors so I’m very happy perched under a tree — far away from civilization. Sketching and painting birds are my forte. I also enjoy reading books about conservation, nature and sustainability. The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight by Thom Hartman did an excellent job in highlighting the dangers of our future planet. Earth Odyssey by Mark Hertsgaard chronicles the silent destruction of our environment and reminds us that our planet is worth saving.

I cherish  working with women and single mothers in my local community teaching them how to design rich and colourful beadwork. This enables them to earn additional income to sustain themselves. For more info, please visit the Community category link in order to keep up to date on this important initiative.

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